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August: Our Family's Diaversary Month

August: Our Family's Diaversary Month

For every parent, the birth of their child is a significant month. But for the parent of a child with a rare disease, or a significant diagnosis, the month of diagnosis is also a time that is forever remembered. For some, especially in the diabetes world, we call this our "Diaversary". August is always a hard month for us because both of our children were diagnosed with a rare form of diabetes that month. Neonatal Diabetes

Andy’s Story: Part III : Insulin Injections

So after a long week in the hospital and 3 days of crash courses in how to check blood sugars, give shots, and count carbs, we were sent home with our baby boy.  How do you explain how hard it …

Andy’s Story: Part II : The Hospital

It is late tonight and I have just come to the end of three very exciting days where I have seen great improvement in Andy’s behavior and communication.  But that won’t make sense if I don’t tell the resthis story . . .

How Do You Measure Success?

I can’t say how most parents measure how they are successful as a parent, but for us, being parents of two children with diabetes, our success is measured in small and unusual ways.  The most obvious success is that our children are alive every day when we wake up.