I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a major update.  Life has happened.  I have been back at work full time since August of 2014 and had a part time job that felt like a full time job from August 2012-June2014.  That being said, I feel that I need to get back to blogging at least on a part time basis.  So much has happened and we have reached so many milestones with the kids in that time, but the journey is still confusing and frustrating.  I still have new families find me through my blog and I feel like having the most up-to-date information on this site will be a necessity.

Yesterday, a documentary was shown on the PBS station in Chicago.  It was called Journey to a Miracle: Freedom from Insulin.  I have not seen the documentary yet, but I hope that it shows some of the challenges that some of us face, even though we did experience the miracle of taking our son off of insulin at 21 months of age.  While I agree that was a miracle, and hope that many more families can experience this same miracle for themselves, we still wait for the other miracles every day.  I pray that some day, I will be able to talk to my son in a real conversation.  I pray that some day, my daughter will be able to go to college.  I pray that some day, my children will experience love beyond our family.  But above all of that, I pray that they will live fulfilling lives.

It seems so far off right now, but I can say that there have already been miracles.

Andy became fully potty trained (day time) when he was almost 8 years old.

Katie became fully potty trained (day time) this past summer at 5.

Katie finally outgrew the screaming in the car phase (we’re still working on the screaming at home) and we are able to take at least short trips as a family now.

Andy is now reading site words and counting to 9 independently.  He can also write his name with some assistance (holding his wrist, not guiding).

Andy 11_2_14

One of the biggest milestones has been reached in just the last few days.  I’m almost afraid to write it down for fear he will regress as soon as I type it.  Andy has chosen for the last month to not wear diapers to bed.  It was a never ending round of washing bed sheets, underwear, t-shirts, and blankets.  But he absolutely refused to wear the diapers.  And then it happened.  {cue the angels singing the “Hallelujah” chorus}!  For the last 3 nights, he has been completely dry and slept through the night!!!!!!

What miracles have you experienced lately with your special needs kiddos?

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