Returning to “Normal”




We are finally done with the antibiotics and infections are all cleared up.  Blood sugars are starting to rise again so doses of glyburide are starting to slowly increase.  I know after all this time that I shouldn’t worry too much about lows, but the last week just scared me to death.  Andy had a low so bad I almost used the glucagon kit.  He stayed in the 40’s for about 3 hours one day and it took unbelievable amounts of soda, milk and donuts to get him into the 70’s.  I think he was even having some mini seizures because his eyes kept fluttering every few minutes.  At least he didn’t lose consciousness and he was able to drink and eat.  The doctors could not give me any answers.  His endocrinologist and our primary pediatrician were just as confused as we were that the kids had these lows during an illness (and especially with an antibiotic mixed in a sugary liquid).  In the end, Katie was totally off of her medicine for 4 days straight, and after a 1/4 pill midweek, was off her meds for another 5 days.  Andy was off medicine for 2 days and then I started giving him 1/4 pills until the antibiotics were done.  I sent him off to school this morning with a 1/2 pill and I’m crossing my fingers that he stays stable. 


In other news, Katie had her 18 month check up this week and has finally passed the 20 lb mark (she seemed to hover just under 20 lbs since her 1st birthday).  She is now 31.75 inches and 22 lbs 6.4 oz!!!  She’s still not talking, but the doctor didn’t seem to be too concerned about it.  Otherwise, her development is still on track.  She will have a more formal evaluation with a Developmental Neurologist at the end of this month.  That should tell us if we really have anything to worry about (as if it’s possible for a parent not to worry, right?).

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