Pretty Nails To Support Children with Disabilities

I knew I loved Jamberry nails long before I even tried them and long before I decided to sell them. Part of what I love about the company is that they are all about giving back to people in need. They carry certain wraps called charity wraps that they donate $2 from each sale to that charity. Now, for a limited time they will be teaming up with the Now I Can Foundation to raise funds for families in need. 

This foundation, based in Utah, helps children overcome some of their disabilities through the use of intense physical therapy. Children often come to their facility for 3 or 4 week sessions of therapy. With 4 hours of therapy for 5 days a week, children can reach goals that would normally take them a year to achieve. 

Obviously this can be very costly and insurance doesn’t always pay for all of the expenses. So Jamberry nails has created a charity sheet that will be sold from December 3rd through December 31st. For every sheet of wraps sold, $2 will be donated to the organization. This will be used to help fund grants for families in need of financial assistance to receive these therapies. Please consider supporting this wonderful cause that is close to my heart. I don’t know if this is something that would benefit children like mine, but it may be your child or someone you know that could. Help these children reach their fullest potential. 

You may order these wraps starting December 3rd at my Jamberry site. Christy’s Jamicures

Here is a picture of the wraps on hands. 


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