Potty Training the Second Child

I was hoping that potty training on Katie would be easier and quicker since we’ve tried so long with Andy. But any parent with more than one child knows, every child is different. We tried a little with Katie last summer just because she was two and we thought we should. She just had absolutely no interest at all. Throughout the school year, we have tried off and on with a few random successes, but nothing consistent and still little interest on her part.

So this summer with the 4th birthday looming, we decided to try full force again. We are finally seeing some progress. She is now consistently going right after breakfast and about 3-4 times a week after lunch. Other times during the day, she may sit on the potty and occasionally does something. The biggest barrier we are seeing with her is that she does not quite have the connection of the feeling before it happens. That is something that will just have to come naturally and we can’t force it. If anyone has any suggestions on how to move forward in this aspect, please share in the comments.

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