Moving (and other life events)

So it’s been a few months since I’ve posted and a LOT has happened in those few months.  Andy became almost completely potty trained in August just before he began Kindergarten.  Katie celebrated her first birthday.  Both kids increased their medicine by huge amounts, which resulted in Andy moving up to a 5mg tablet and Katie moving up to a full 1.25mg tablet (no more compounding, yeah!).  Just a few weeks after Andy started school, Dan had 2 interviews with Boeing and ended up getting an offer we couldn’t refuse.  So here we are in Seattle, WA and finally settling down into a routine again.  Katie has started walking and Andy is re-potty-training after the move which caused an expected regression.  We are not thrilled with the special education services we are receiving here in WA so far, but it did take me years to figure out all the services that were available in NC.  I guess I can’t expect to have everything figured out quickly here either.

 You may ask why we moved so far away.  The question is not answered simply.  There were many factors that went into our decision and we have actually been thinking about this for a while now.  I believe it all started when Katie was born and we found out she had the same gene as Andy.  Come to think of it, I remember mentioning to one of her pediatricians when we were still in the hospital that I wanted to go into genetics.  So we started searching.  I did some research and found out some of the best schools for genetics.  Since the University of Washington was near the top of the list (5thin the nation) and we loved the Northwest, we decided on Seattle.  We began saving our money for a cross country move that we anticipated would happen some time in the next year or two.  After having multiple interviews and not getting a job yet again this year, Dan decided it was time to start putting some applications in to some companies.  We started with Boeing, but did not expect such a quick turn around.  (We do have to give credit to one of his coworkers who helped Dan with tips on how to make his resume stand out.)  Within a month of his first interview, we were packed up, moved out, and flown out to Seattle courtesy of Boeing. 

I know I still have a few years before I can even begin to think of getting into my PhD program, but we are here and getting settled.  I am still looking for a job and submitting applications, but thanks to unemployment, we are able to stay afloat while I look.   It also gives me the time to figure out how to get Occupational Therapy and possibly some personal care for Andy like we had in NC.  Once we get our support system in place, I can feel better about going back to work and beginning to take some prerequisite classes to prepare me for the next stage of my journey.

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