Well, today was the day!  Andy got the Dexcom   Granted, we are just doing a trial, but even in the few hours since we started, it’s really opened my eyes up to how crazy his blood sugars still are.  The insertion wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought.  I just stood him in between my legs and laid his torso over my left leg while the nurse inserted the sensor.  He did cry a little, and clinch his butt cheeks, but in the end, I rubbed his back.  The nurse started asking him questions like “What is your favorite activity?”  To which he answered “Elevator”!  Every time we go to Seattle Children’s Hospital, I am now required to park on a lower level so we can ride the elevator up to the clinic floor.  The one time I did valet parking, he absolutely threw a fit when he got back in the car.  How dare we not ride the elevator????

Anyway, I digress.

So he is now sleeping in bed with daddy and has his “Dexie” in the pocket of his cargo pajama bottoms.  I have not heard any alarms, but it’s only day one.  Tomorrow will be the real test as we begin the new ADHD medicine.  We have decided to try Focalin as this has been successful in another child with the same mutation.  We are starting low so we can increase slowly.  I don’t really anticipate any drug interactions, but I am worried about the side effect of decreased appetite.  That’s not a good side effect for a kid who is already a picky eater.  Tonight at a blood sugar of 72, he did not want to eat the sandwich offered him.  I thought I had done a pretty good job of hiding the carrots in between the pork (which he loves), and two pieces of WHITE bread, but he discovered them.  I ended up folding the sandwich over on itself, smashing it as flat as I could get it, dipping it in ketchup and bribing him with Doritos to get him to eat!  At least he was laughing through the whole thing so I just couldn’t get mad at him.  We were all giggling by the end of dinner

Now to bed.  I did give him a half dose before bed and I’m crossing my fingers that it’s not too much.  I don’t usually check him anyway before dinner and always give him a full pill so I don’t anticipate too much trouble tonight.  It will be interesting to see how he fares overnight as I haven’t checked him at night in over 3, maybe 4 years!  Hoping for the best.

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