Day #7 of D-Blog Week: What we’ve learned

What we’ve learned – Sunday 5/15: Last year, Wendy of Candy Heartsmade a suggestion for this year.  She commented “I think Day 7 should be a post about stuff we’ve learned from other blogs or the experience of coming together online…”  Today, let’s do just that!!  What have you learned from other blogs – either this week or since finding the D-OC?  What has your experience of blogging the DBlog Week topics with other participants been like?  What has finding the D-OC done for you?  If you’d like, you can even look ahead and tell us what you think the future holds!

I think the first thing that jumped out at me is that there are SO MANY of you out here in the DOC.  I knew of and followed many of the parent blogs, but had never really read a lot of the patient blogs or those with Type 2.  I learned I am like many parents in nicknaming my kids and I have the same hopes and fears.  I have learned that technology has come a long way since my son was on the insulin pump and there are even some patients out there who have new islets.

What I have learned most of all is that everyone in the DOC is welcoming and supportive.  I see a community who learns together and bonds and connects so that we can all have a better life for ourselves and our children.  While I don’t see a cure coming immediately (especially for my children’s rare genetic type), I don’t know their future because we are setting the precedent.  I will stay an active part of the DOC as long as I can and hope upon hope that others can have a better treatment like the miracle we received or that we can see a cure soon.

Thank you Karen for connecting all of us this week and last year.  I look forward to participating again in the coming years and following as many stories as I can.

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