Day #4 of D-Blog Week: Wild Card, Limerick Day

Colorful map showing the location of Limerick, Ireland

Today’s topic for D-Blog week was 10 things I hate about Diabetes, but I’ve been trying to put myself in a more positive mood lately so I just didn’t want to get all bogged down in the negativity of doing a post like that.  Instead I decided to do one of the wildcard topics.  I thought I could do the “Step outside the box” topic easily, but I’ve been rolling over in my mind all day and kept coming up with zilch.  Until, I went to the store and heard something on the radio.  Today is “Limerick Day”.  What fun! 

* Step outside the box: Take your diabetes thoughts and instead of blogging about them as usual, push yourself to express them in a different way today.  Make a vlog.  Create a piece of D-Art.  Write a poem.  Draw a cartoon.  Post a collage.  Anything goes – as long as it is outside of your usual bloggy comfort zone!

Limerick Day is celebrated in honor of the birth of English writer Edward Lear, who is credited with making the limerick popular. A limerick, in case you aren’t aware, is a five-line poem in which the first, second, and fifth lines rhyme, and the third and fourth lines also rhyme.

While I have dabbled in poetry of a very private nature throughout my life, I tend to shy away from rhyming poetry so I thought this would be a good challenge.  So I gave it a shot.  Don’t laugh . . . Ok, go ahead, it’s pretty corny

God gave me a daughter and son

Diagnosed with diabetes under one

But lucky for them

New research was in

And they no longer take insulin*

*Side note, just in case you’re wondering, I pronounce this in-su-lun.  Maybe it’s a southern thing!

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